This Blog

This blog is about my life.  The blog name reflects the fact that my life revolves around hockey.  My fiancé Sam, is a professional hockey player and we are currently in our fourth year in Europe, currently in Finland.  I started this blog to share some of our experiences on this adventure we call our life!  

I write about just about everything here.  I cook and bake way too often, so sometimes I share a recipe or two.  I have a fur baby Raylan, and I find her to be one of my favorite subjects.  Sam and I both have amazing friends and family, so I find myself writing about them.  We are here for hockey, and I do seldomly blog about the actual 'game' of hockey, truth is I do not know much about the on-ice related stuff.   Living abroad has brought many opportunities to travel, and I love to reflect on them here!  Everything else that I find to be even the slightest bit interesting I usually share on here as well.   Somedays, I just share my heart, whatever I am feeling that day.


  1. Amazing blog I must day. This blog ha given me a reason to get engeged and married so that I can enjoy such fun moments with my better half. Hockey is my favourite sport as well.