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I am Cacilie, a twenty-something  year old from Minnesota... Let me tell you a little about my life.

When I was eighteen, I met a boy named Sam.  He lived just down the hall from me in the dorms at the University of Minnesota.  I liked his long blonde hair, he was friends with some of my friends,  and he laughed at my jokes, so we started hanging out.  We really fell hard and fast, and have been together ever since!  Well, not really together.. only six months into our relationship he moved to Toronto.  He is a hockey player, and he was playing for our university when we first met, and he left our university for Toronto to play in the OHL.  He played the next two seasons (years) there.  I was still in school, so I would visit him when I could.  This ended up being every 4-5 weeks.  It was incredibly hard to be in a long distance relationship, but well worth it.  His moving didn't stop there, from Toronto he went to Texas for a few months, then he was in South Carolina for a few days.  Thats when he told me via skype (a huge part of my life) that he was moving to Sweden.  Next thing I knew he was on a plane to Sweden with his hockey equipment & summer clothes.  If hockey has taught me anything, it is that time waits for nobody and your life can change in a second.  I graduated from school that fall and decided to join him in Sweden!  We came back a second season, and then for a third, then a fourth, and now a fifth!  

June 2014 we got married, and two days before the wedding Sam signed his contract for the 2014/15 season in Finland!! So we will be spent that next year in Lappeenranta, Finland.  Hard to believe that it was already our fourth year abroad! 

Currently we are back in Lappeenranta, Finland and loving it! This is our fifth season abroad!! 

Our very first picture together, just 18 years old!

 We are back in the 'States' March/April through August/September, and in Europe the whole rest of the year.  This means that a majority of my time is spent away from the ones I love, and everything familiar.  On the bright side I get to live in Europe with husband and get to experience things that never would get a chance to in the US.  I am grateful for this opportunity and try to live it to its fullest potential!  I also try daily to remain connected with life back home while still being where I am in the present moment... this one can get tricky sometimes.  That is the main reason that I write this blog, to stay in touch with all of the people I know and love back home.  That way when I see them they already know how the whole year went and we can pick up right where we left off, instead of playing catch-up all summer. 


So, now you know: I am married to a hockey player that I love, and we live in Europe (Finland), and I love our life here, but miss home.  

Here are some random facts & pictures to try to give you a better idea about who I am...

My parents have been happily married for 26 years, and I am obsessed with them both! I would be lost without them.  

I like caffeinated beverages; there is nothing much better than a hot coffee, or a cold coffee.

I cry fairly easily, and am powerless in stopping my tears once they start. 

Mushrooms are disgusting.  

I didn't want to date Sam when I met him, because he was a hockey player. 

I am the middle child of three.  I have an older brother Karl (26) and a younger sister Katja (19).  I also was lucky enough to gain another sister when I married Sam, Hayley (23). 

I am severely allergic to mangos.  

I had been to Europe quite a few times before Sam moved here for hockey.  My parents had been developing my travel bug my whole life.  It may be why I like it so much here, and the reason I take advantage of every traveling opportunity that comes my way.  

I have conversations with my dog, and I think that they understand. 

I laugh when I shouldn't.

Sam's mom and dad are some of my closest friends, and I am so happy that they are now part of my family! 

I am 100% gluten free, because I am extremely gluten intolerant. 

I love making lists, even when I really do not have anything I need a list for.  I will write things on a to-do list that I have already done, just so that I can cross them out.  

I am not an adrenaline junky, but do love it every once in a while.  I went bunge jumping in New Zealand with my brother in 2009.  Some people would call him a bit of an adrenaline junky, but I think he prefers the term 'active'.  

I am cold any time it gets under 85° F, and I could lay in the sun for days.  Quite the opposite of my fair-skinned man.  

I have never watched a full football game, and struggle to watch almost any sports game.

I am a licensed Cosmetologist. 

Christmas and my birthday are two of my biggest obsessions, always is and will be that way.  

I have been to all of the continental USA except Nevada, Vegas will happen, someday. 

My family has a cabin in northern Minnesota, and I love spending uninterrupted time with my them up there.  

I have very loose joints, and have dislocated my kneecaps more times than I care to remember.  

Sam and I have a Giant Schnauzer puppy (born May 4, 2013) her name is Raylan.  She lives with us in Finland.  We are absolutely obsessed with her and she has really grown up into being such a nice two year old puppy. 

Back home I had another man, he was just 11 years old when he passed away suddenly in February 2014.  He was my first dog, Boton, a Miniature Schnauzer and I choose to let him stay at familiar-home with my parents when we came to Sweden.  Loosing him while away was unbearably hard. 

Too many layers of clothing (more than one) make me terribly and incredibly uncomfortable.  I always try to sneak out without a jacket.  

Sam has made me believe that soul-mates do exist!  

I would eat sweets for every meal if I could.  Top choices: Macarons, Haagen-Dazs, Sour Patch kids, Australian Licorice... I could go on and on!

Seeing blood makes me very queazy, especially if I am the one bleeding.  

I joke around a lot! 

Hopefully that can help you understand a little bit more about who I am, and why I am the way I am.  

Lots of Love, 



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