December 9, 2015

October - Present

The past few months have been anything but stationery for me.  Sam says Raylan thinks I am just a visitor to our house in Finland. Speaking of visitors, we had a lot of them.  Since early October I believe Sam and I have only had nine days of us being together in Finland (without having family staying with us).

I feel so lucky to be able to travel so many amazing places lately, but my favorite place I just visited was Minnesota.  In October I spent time in Athens and Santorini with my mom. Then Sam and I had an absolutely amazing time in Germany for the Deutschland cup in early November.  When my father was visiting we flew to Oulu, Finland and then drove to the Arctic circle.  Last year my brother and I drove all the way there, I learned my lesson and decided it was really a place to fly to rather than drive.  Link to blog about driving to the Arctic Circle. Now I just had a wonderful week back in the states visiting my family and am on my way back to Finland.  It will be nice to spend a few weeks together with Sam and my big black puppy Raylan before Christmas!  Sam and I will be heading to Switzerland for Christmas break.  

It was my first time in five hockey seasons going home mid-season.  I loved it, I think I should will do it every year!