November 5, 2015

Deutschland Cup

I figured it was time for a little catch up... again.  We are currently in Augsburg, Germany (1hr from Munich) for a tournament called the Deutschland Cup.  Earlier this season Sam and I were thrilled to receive invitation for Sam to play in this tournament for Team USA.  

The tournament consists of four countries each playing three games.  The countries are Germany, USA, Switzerland, and Slovakia.  Team USA and Canada each play in the tournament biyearly. 

The two years before I met Sam he played for team USA in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Then we met while he was playing for the Gophers and I never had a chance to see him in the red, white, and blue. I am very excited to go see the games and to watch them play (&&& also to hopefully win!).  

SaiPa and the whole Liiga are on break right now, so we are not missing any hockey games back in Finland... but we are missing our big puppy!  She is back in Lappenranta at a wonderful boarding facility. 

While we are here in Germany we have some free time to go exploring and have a little vacation.  We arrived Tuesday night.  Wednesday we drove (Autobahn zoom zoom!) down to Neuschwanstein Castle for the day.  My first time to Munich we missed this beautiful 'Disney-like' castle (thanks dad) and I knew I would come back for it someday and I finally did.  It did not disappoint! We then drove into Munich and did a little shopping, they have to most unbelievable shopping (thanks Sam).  We then zoom-zoomed back to Augsburg for a little team gathering to meet everyone.  

Today the team is having their first and only practice and I am off to explore Augsburg! I heard they have a great old town.  

The drive was beautiful!

View from up near the castle, you can see Hohenschwangau Castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle

I think I was squeaking with happiness right here.

We get to 'Do Fall' all over again!

More to come!

xo Cacilie