September 17, 2015

Jääkiekko Time!

Since we arrived, we have been feeling so busy! Between trying out some of the new places in town, meeting new people, enjoying the weather, and exercising Raylan we have been engrossed in activities. 

Oh, and the hockey season started!!  SaiPa (the team Sam is on) have played three games, and are currently the number one team in the league!  Sam has been playing well, and that make Raylan and I very happy.  They play another game tonight (away) so lets hope the team keeps playing like they have been so we can keep our situation at the top of the league going strong.  I will link the league website below for anyone who wants to keep track of the season.  The first link will the original link in Finnish and the one below will be the translated version. 

I was also recently made aware of two other ways to keep track of the season, and even watch the games back home! 

The first one is an app called FlashScore, it basically just tells the stats of every sport.. ever... like lots of sports. 

The second one I am a little more excited about, it is Ruutu.  I knew about Ruutu last season, I was just told that it didn't work in the States.  I received confirmation that it works, you just have to use GoogleChrome.  You simply pay the monthly fee ($30) or the per game fee ($15) to watch the games live, or even after the game.. basically whenever convenient with that <eight hour time zone> difference.  Here is a link to that website Finnish Link to RuutuEnglish Link to Ruutu.  

Pretty sure that is everything I know about the hockey season thus far.  I will try to keep updates coming occasionally through the season. However, if I forget to do that, now you have the links so you should be all set for the next few months! (right? wink)

These hockey photos were not taken by me, I found them on the Saipa Facebook page.

xo Cacilie

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  1. SO EXCITED TO WATCH THE GAMES HERE! Thanks for the blog :)