July 15, 2015

{Insert Typical "I know its been forever..." here}

I know its been forever, but I am going to do my best to have a brief catch up on the past 6..7... months that I have forgotten neglected to blog.  

Since my last post we finished the hockey season, I went to Paris and New York, Sam's mom and sister visited us in Finland, Sam and I moved back home & spent nearly a month in Florida, Raylan had another surgery, all three of us (Sam, Raylan and I) had our birthdays, we celebrated our one year anniversary, summer happened (can't believe its already MID JULY), and we have been loving every ounce of our time here in 'The States'.  

It seems that every second we are busy during the summer.  Between training/working out and feeding someone (not naming any names) who is training/working out, it seems as though its hard to find a minute to spare.  

Sam goes back to Finland on August first, he will be returning to Saipa in Lappeenranta.  We are so very excited to be going back to such a wonderful town full of passionate hockey fans and two really nice D O G P A R Ks! I still do not know when I will be going back, I usually wait until it cools down enough for it to be comfortable enough for Raylan to travel safely.  I am thinking late August or early September.  I might have to stay in town long enough to catch T-Swift and overdose on Starbucks.   

Until then I plan on doing my best to catch up on the blog more with what we have been doing and our future plans and well... the past half of a year!

Some highlights from the past six months!


Speaking of highlights, a fan made an awesome video of some of Sam's hockey highlights from the season! The link is below! 

xoxo Cacilie