January 26, 2015


After our stay in Riga we drove up the coast to Tallinn.  Tallinn is known for its Medieval Old Town.  Our hotel was right in the heart of the old town so most of theses pictures were taken just a short walk from our hotel.  

Right away we found this beautiful Christmas market and had a delicious rich supper at the Beer House, were we ate our dinner in a very large barrel. 

The following day we went walking around the old town.  I have had the privilege of seeing many old towns, and Tallinn may just be the most expansive, and culturally authentic old towns I have ever seen.  The streets and houses date back as far as the 11th century.  Everywhere we looked there was something beautiful.  Stunning views of the old town with the Gulf of Finland in the distance as the sun was beating down were around every corner.  

We spent most of the day looking at different old buildings, churches, castles, merchants houses, towers, and the wall surrounding the city.  We met a 'merchant' who's home we were taking pictures near and he asked me if I would like his old Great Dane to partake in our photo-shoot! She was so sweet, and 13 years old!  

We ate dinner at a strange seafood restaurant, just strange because it was trying way too hard to be high quality/class while at the same time trying to make you feel like you were on a Disney pirate ship... the two do not meld.  

All in all we enjoyed our two nights in Tallinn, but were ready to get back Finland.  Sam's team was playing in Helsinki the evening we got back so we were excited to get back & to see Sam!

Leaning onto the Castle Tower.

The old city wall

The sunrise on the ship on the way back to Helsinki!

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  1. This was so much fun. I agree with Cacilie that this is one of the most quaint and adorable old towns I have had the pleasure to visit.