December 11, 2014

Puisto Koira

This picture is deceiving, it was actually quite dark out!
I figured it was about time for another dog park post!  Lately we have been going to the dog park after dark, so that would be anytime after about three in the afternoon.  We are approximately at about a 2% chance of actually seeing another dog at the dog park (what is up with that?) so we get the whole place to ourselves!  This particular dog park that we go to often, is very long.  Sam and I go to opposite ends and Raylan just runs as quickly as she possibly can between us as we hide behind trees and call her name.  It really tires her out, but I think she would enjoy playing with other dogs a bit more!  Sometimes for our own entertainment, Sam will throw snowballs for Raylan to try to get, she gets so frustrated when they disappear once they hit the ground.  However this does not faze her and she tries time and time again!

This past week Sam's hockey team lost in the third round of the Champions Hockey League tournament.  Previously I wrote a little about the tournament here -> Link.  They beat Geneva in the second round and advanced onto the third and played very well, but just not quite good enough to advance on.  

This week I am preparing for our Christmas trip to London and Amsterdam.  We leave the twentieth and couldn't be more excited.  I FINALLY got my visa last week, so it would be an understatement to say I was a 'little' worried about not being able to go to the UK.  We are so looking forward to the trip and Raylan will be about twenty minutes outside of town at a boarder with a big yard and lots of puppy friends.  

Just three days after we get back from our Christmas trip, my mother and sister will be joining us here in Finland.  We are busy trying to plan some fun excursions around the boys busy game schedule. Many fun weeks ahead! 

Sam is at the far end, and Raylan is running full speed back to me. 
Almost time for another haircut!

Eyes on the snowball so it doesn't disappear again.
Catching a snowball.
xoxo Cacilie 


  1. have fun time in amsterdam and london! I was just wondering where r u from ,Cacilie?

    1. Thanks! I am sure we will! I am from Minnesota. Merry Christmas!

  2. My grand puppy! I miss her too!