December 19, 2014

Ornamon Design Joulumyyjäiset

A couple of weeks ago when we went to Helsinki (link to that post here), I mentioned that we found something fun to do!  It was Finland's independence day so most things were closed.  We went to the Ornamon Design Joulumyyjäiset, basically a HUGE art show/market with over 200 hundred booths!  It was also all indoors, & it was freezing cold, windy, and rainy so that made it an even better experience.  

It took so long to get through all of the booths (two levels) that we had to get a snack.  Luckily for us there was an all natural, organic coffee booth! They also had raw bars, a lingonberry flavor, and a sea buckthorn flavor.  If any of you haven't tried sea buckthorn, it is amazing and sour and sweet at the same time.  

Naturally, being a girl I found lots of pretty things that I wanted.  I choose a simple silver ring, and they didn't have enough in stock so I had to wait for her to make a new one and ship it.  It finally came yesterday!  Salla of NAPA & PAJA was so sweet to write me a handwritten note with my little package.  That is what I love about small businesses and designers, they are so sweet and the products they make come from the heart.  

I spy a puppy nose!
Sweet and simple, trying to take a picture with my left hand was very difficult! 
Any other shows like this I should know about in Finland?  I can't seem to get enough! 

xo Cacilie

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