December 27, 2014


Sam and I arrived home on Christmas night and picked up Raylan the following morning.  We are now unpacked, and have the house clean and ready for our guests that arrive tomorrow!  Sam has a game tonight, so we are really just jumping right back into normal life here in Lappeenrata after our wonderful vacation.  We went to both London and Amsterdam, I will show you a few of my favorite things from our three days in London. 

We left very early on Saturday which allowed us to get to London before nine AM.  Although it was a bit tiring leaving so early, it was so wonderful to have that extra time in London!  Sam and I both loved London.  The food was unreal, we ate A LOT.  We also drank A LOT... of Starbucks, seriously like two a day.  

London was beautiful everywhere we looked. The old buildings combined with Christmas lights and beautiful items for sale were so kind to the eyes.

While in London we did just about everything that we possibly could.  I am a bit of a minute to minute planner and had our itinerary ready weeks ago.  We stopped nearly every time we saw a macaron (remember when I tried to make my own?).  

 - Shopping: so beautiful there, Regent Street (love), Harrods (obsessed), Fortnom and Mason (beautiful, and best macarons EVER), Liberty (adorable), and how about that four story Burberry?! 

Sights: Tower Bridge (London Bridge), The Tower of London, The London Eye, St. Paul's Cathedral, heard Big Ben, Elizabeth Tower, Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace (Changing of the guards and gardens), & Hyde Park.

Musems - Tate Modern (Picasso), and the British Museum (the Rosetta Stone).

Markets: The Borough Market (might be my favorite part of London, such an amazing big market with something for everyone! Nutritious and fresh too!),  Southbank Centre Christmas Market, and Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland (similar to a Christmas Market). 

- With a category of its very own (drum roll) Platform Nine and Three Quarters, and yes we got a wand.  

Resturants of note: Chipotle, Burger and Lobster (AMAZING, those are the only two things on the menu), Giraffe (American style, great for lunch or dinner, we did both), The Wellington (old pub = atmosphere), PRET A MANGER (these are everywhere, affordable, and label everything from gluten to sulfates, can't beat the taste! Wish so much we had something like this.), and last but not least Starbucks (literally on every street, how convenient!).  

Sorry those are a little difficult to read!  It is hard to fit all of London into just one post!  I just received a text from my mother telling me that her and my sister are in London now for a day!  I wish I could go back again and be with them!  Now that I have seen the sights, there would be more time for shopping & eating & relaxing.

St. Paul's Cathedral behind me.
When in London. 
Making a call.
The Tower Bridge

Just a tiny part of the Borough Market.
He might kill me for this one... 

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park.

Southbank Christmas Market & The London Eye.
We LOVED Harrods.
so much. 
Buckingham Palace
Elizabeth Tower

Drinking a Pret A Manger coffee in Trafalgar Square

Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) at night.

For dinner the last night we were fortunate enough to get to meet up with some teammates and friends from last season!  It was so nice to see the Saviano's again!  Last year we traveled to Berlin and Prague with them over Christmas break. Hopefully the pattern continues next season! 

I highly recommend London to everyone!  It was very visitor friendly and easy to get around.  As long as you are staying in the right areas,  it also felt very safe!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

xoxo Cacilie


  1. Hi there, new reader here ;-) Your pics of London are so pretty and are making me miss London. Last time I was there was 2009. Looking forward to checking out your other posts. And your dog is so cute!

    1. Thank you! It really is a beautiful place, safe to say it probably looks very similar to when you were there last! Place seems timeless. Glad you think she is cute, she is in many of my post and pictures! :)

  2. We had fun and saw a lot of the things that you posted. We also fell in love with London. Maybe we can go there together some day!