December 16, 2014

Lappeenranta Christmas Market

This weekend Lappeenranta had a Christmas market up at the Fortress of Lappeenranta.  Sunday afternoon we walked there and around looking at all of the cute little booths.  Something I love about Christmas markets are that they are never the same.  They vary so much country to country, they are such a clear reflection of traditions and cultural norms.  &&& flavors (good and bad).  

Many of the booths had circular cakes, glogg, fermenting fish, a variety of Christmas wreaths, mustards, and jams.  There were also children's toys, knit items, random home-made trinkets, and candy.  I think our favorite thing we saw was dogs pulling sleighs and carts!  We really hope Raylan can get a chance to go dog sledding someday!

Stunk like no other.. well not as bad as Surströmming.
Just trying to stay warm!
All of Lappeenranta was there!
Wreath balls! Wish I had a place to hang one of these!
Dog pulling cart!

Can't wait to see the Christmas markets in London and Amsterdam soon! 


  1. This one looks so different, were the booths more tents than actual buildings?

    1. Yeah more tent-like, in town they have some more permanent looking ones. This Christmas market was only two days