December 7, 2014

Helsinki in December

After Thursdays win (ohhh yeah) we were given a surprise two day weekend! Friday and Saturday off (ohhh yeah).  Friday morning I decided that I was getting out of Lappeenranta and taking my little family with me.  After a short discussion with Sam (mostly him telling me to decide what I wanted to do and that he would be happy with anything, aww marriage is great!) I had booked a hotel in Helsinki and off we went!

Me, super happy even though it was raining.  Notice: Christmas lights
The sixth of December is Finland's Independence Day, celebrating Finland's declaration of independence from the Russian Republic.   Finland is just 97 years old, I thought the USA was young and we have had our independence for 238 years! Being a national holiday we were told basically NOTHING would be open on Saturday but we took that chance.  

When we arrived at our hotel, Raylan was treated like a the princess she is!  They had special towels for the dogs, bowls (we had our own) and a selection of different 'dog treats' to make her stay more comfortable (Nice job Glo Hotel!).  Hotels here are just so accommodating to dogs and so few of them have weight and size limits, it make traveling with our big fur baby so much easier!  Once Raylan was comfortable, we left to go to Starbucks go see Helsinki and do a little Christmas shopping!

First stop was Starbucks, naturally.  Second stop was a huge Macaron.  Third stop Stockmann, then we just kind of stopped there for the rest of the evening.  It was wonderful.  Fantastic.  Really much needed.  I ended up finding so many great things, for myself, but nothing for Sam.   I know that is not the 'proper' way to go Christmas shopping, but at least Sam knows I will really like my gifts.   Still trying to come up with ideas on what to get him... help? 

HUGE Pistachio Macaron

Stockmann all dressed up in it's Christmas best!
Well that was exhausting so we recharged on some Tex-Mex, it was out of this world. Honestly when isn't a hot mountain of crispy chips covered in stuff that looks like cheese, covered in tomatoes & jalapeños & onions, topped with grilled grilled chicken not good?  I can assure you, it is always out of this world.  Ok, lets move on.  Back to the hotel for a nice city walk with Raylan.  

Independence day in Finland meant that the hotel breakfast had a later start and finish, score. Yay for sleeping in.  I'll let you know what we found to do in Helsinki that day later this week or next.  I'm waiting for something to come in the mail for that post!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend here in Finland, and their ordinary weekend back home! 

xoxo Cacilie

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