November 18, 2014

Ship Show.

Helsinki's market is something we can never seem to get enough of!  This was already the fifth time I have gone there since August, it is that good!  They have so many variations of reindeer, salmon, fruit, and souvenirs that it is always a new experience.  

This time, there was a ship show!  There were probably about 20 huge, beautifully preserved ships docked next to the market.  The ships were open to the public to go aboard and look around.  I couldn't stop thinking about why anyone would want a ship that big & pretty? What use could they have for it?  

This HUGE ship (I do not think it was part of the show) came all the way from Brazil.
After looking at the ships and enjoying the market, we took a long walk around the city.
Icebreakers we saw on our evening walk! 
Helsinki is beautiful in the evening! 


  1. The last picture is awesome, like Helsinki would be on fire!

    1. I can see how it could look like that! Thankfully it is just the water reflecting off of the water!