November 10, 2014

Kroll Cabin

Before our very first hockey season in Sweden, four seasons ago in 2011 my family bought a cabin in northern Minnesota.  Sam and I do not go up there nearly as often as the rest of my family, but every time we do we fall a little more in love with the place. 

Here are some of my favorite things about our 'Kroll Cabin' 

1. Uninterrupted family time in close quarters with limited (only phones) internet access.
2. The freedom and joy Raylan has 24 hours a day there going in & out of the water every few minutes.
3. How cute my mother has decorated the cabin like a 'cabin' not like a house so there is no confusion as to where you are -- and that you should be relaxing and letting lives worries stay far away.
4. I love that people are constantly going out boating and there are constant invites to go out on the lake.  (Sailing, Fishing, Swimming, Pontooning, paddle-boating, leisurely boat rides with excess 'hydration')
5. Freshly caught fish for dinner.
6. Our cabin neighbors are the nicest people, some of the kindest most caring people I know.  Once when I was there they gave us a GALLON of fresh raspberries!
7. There is a guest/bunk house that is separate from the cabin and you can always go there if you need some space.
8. There has never been a unspectaclular sunset there, they are all absolutely incredible.
9. My parents are happy.. giddy every minute there.
10. The breeze off the lake.
11. The instant warmth of a wood burring fire, indoors and outdoors!

There are many more wonderful things about our cabin.  Sometimes I really miss it! 

Here is a little compilation of some of our great memories we have made at the Cabin.  Boton really loved the cabin, I think it was his favorite place.  He got to spend the last couple days of his life up there. 

xoxo Cacilie (Kroll) Lofquist