October 31, 2014

The hockey season thus far!

Everyone tells me to write more about hockey, so here I go!

 We started the season very strongly and were bouncing between first and second for a while! Then we started to tie in a lot of games (and loosing some too... shhhh) and that didn't really help. So now we are in eighth place, but it is a pretty tight league. We are only two regulation wins, and an overtime win away from first place.  I have no doubt that SaiPa Will finish the season very well!  

Sam's team did well in the CHL hockey tournament that they have advanced to the next round.  They were randomly paired with a team in Geneva, Switzerland.  They will be playing that game next week! They will then be playing the Geneva team in Lappeenranta the following week.  

Go SaiPa!!! 

I will do my best to keep you updated on how the rest of the tournament goes!  

SaiPa just posted this interview of Sam from last week.  I don't know what the Finnish words mean, but its fairly easy to follow along.  Please ignore that hat... I don't know why it exists. 

Here is a link to watch.

&& if that wasn't enough, here is a link to an August interview. 

Happy Halloween!! 

My Dad, Boton, and Klaus all set for trick-or-treat'ing last Halloween.  Boton was always so great at dressing up! Miss him every day!  
xoxo Cacilie

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