September 30, 2014

Honeymoon Outings.

It is finally time I share a little about our wonderful honeymoon in Aruba.   In this post I will be focusing on the 'excursions' that we went on during our stay there.  Back in April when I booked our honeymoon I wrote about a few things that I wanted to do while we were there.  Here is a link to that blog post.  

We ended up doing all of the excursions that I wanted to, plus a little more!

One of the first things we did was go on a Jeep Tour of the island.  The tour took us around the whole island for four hours showing us the main sights and eventually lead us to Aruba's Natural Pool.  We went swimming in the pool and saw some fish with our snorkel.  On our tour we had some fairly unintelligent people with us that led two of the fourteen people leaving bleeding.  One man (at least 55, so old enough to know better) dove head first into the pool.  He hit rocks at the bottom and cracked the class on his goggles and then cut his head, he was shocked that it was so shallow... Then next unintelligent man was about thirty five (on his honeymoon) who went running across the slippery rocks to jump into the pool while everyone else was crab walking on all fours into the pool as the guide suggested.  He slipped and fell and nearly cut off the whole tip of his thumb.  Our guide said it was the first time in his twenty years that anyone had ever gotten hurt on one of his tours.  They rinsed their wounds with some alcohol and we rallied on.  We got to see a couple of natural stone bridges and a historic gold mine and California Lighthouse on the tour as well.  It was a dusty dirty, bumpy, tippy, fun ride.  We were very ready to jump into the ocean and relax in the sun after we got back.  

After the jeep tour we were ready for a Catamaran and Snorkel tour of Aruba.  When I booked this tour I knew that there was NO way I would be jumping into the Caribbean Sea in hopes to be surrounded by fish.  All of that changed after a few days of swimming in Aruba's crystal clear turquoise water.  We had so much fun boating on the tour, but also snorkeling!  We went to two snorkel sights.  The first one was about 40 meters off of a little peninsula's coast. The biggest fist we saw were about three feet long.  We were surrounded by HUNDREDS of fish. Normally I would have been terrified, but the fish were beautiful. Anytime I was scared I just would grab my husband's hand and/or jump on him underwater with a panicked look on my face making him think I saw a shark.   The next snorkel spot was slightly more spine-chilling to me, the sight of a 1940 ship wreck.  The water was much deeper, colder, and darker and the fish were bigger and there was a huge SHIP under us that probably was full of terrifying creatures.  I only lasted a few minutes in the water at this stop.  That was huge for me, I haven't gone snorkeling since 2008.  In 2008 I was snorkeling with my family off of the coast of Cozumel in Mexico with my family when I was surrounded by Barracudas. Apparently its normal and safe, but it scared me so badly that I have been scared of the ocean/sea ever since!   It was more fun on the Catamaran anyways, they served tropical drinks and even let me play captain for a few minutes.  

I also convinced Sam to go on a horse tour of the island.  Our group was small, only four people and our Dutch guide.  The horses were not as well trained as they are back in the US, so we had some interesting experiences.  Apparently three of the four horses we had were used to being lead horses, and the guide's horse was in training.  So the horses all wanted to be running and passing each other tiny little trails on rocks, Sam really didn't like this.  We got to a spot on the island where we could gallop if we wanted to.  I was the only one who wanted to.  The guide was tying up the others horses when mine dropped to the ground (with me on him) and started rolling over back and forth and kicking its legs.  I jumped off.  The guide told me that the horses like the soft sand and liked to roll around in it.  So I got back on my horse and we took off galloping down the beach, it was amazing.  Sam's horse was in love with mine so when I took off his started rearing!  After I got back, the rest of the group got back onto their horses and we went back to the ranch.  Sam told me that he probably wouldn't be doing that with me ever again.  He said it wasn't terribly, but it wasn't great.  He said the best part was seeing me so happy, awww.  

We had a wonderful honeymoon and hope to go back to Aruba someday!

xoxo Mrs. Lofquist

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