August 3, 2014

Paul McCartney

When Sam left for Finland, he left me a little note.  On that note it said to please spend as much time with my family and enjoy every moment of them before I head over myself.  Being a good wife, I decided that I would spontaneously tag along with my family to the Paul McCartney concert that was starting in just two hours.  

This concert sold out in just twenty minutes, so we were unable to buy any tickets online.  We decided to just go downtown and try to buy tickets, somehow...  We literally walked around the whole Target Field and only found a few tickets for sale and not the kind we were looking for, certainly not four together (for my Dad, Mom, Sister and I).  Then we went to the box office.  The lady first said that she had not one seat available.   Thirty seconds later she said she had two (really great seats) and nothing else, we said we would take them!  This started the whole,  "I think Mom and Dad should go in."  Dad, "No way I am going in and leaving you girls out here, you and Katja go now so you don't miss the show". In the middle of this cute and typical conversation, we hear my mom a few cashiers down saying she managed to get two more tickets!! Yay, our plan worked, we were all going to get to see Paul!

We split up once inside, and the show was amazing from start to finish!  For a 72 year old man, he sure still has it!  He performed for three hours straight!  He only had one costume change (taking off his sports coat) but changed between guitars nearly every song, played multiple pianos, and even played us a little tune on the ukulele.  He is just so cute!  The best part was that his voice sounded just the same as ever!  It was the closest thing I have felt to jumping straight back into the 60's and seeing The Beatles myself.  

I grew up listing to their music, so naturally I love almost all of their songs.  Here is the set list for the concert tonight.  

As you can see he played quite a variety, and many crowd pleasers.  He played a song for his first, and third wife, one for Jimmy Hendrix, and one for John Lennon, thanked George Harrison for writing one, etc.  

Something else that was pretty cool was that he played with his original guitar that they used when they recorded the album, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Overall, I liked the concert so much more than even anticipating I would!  I got full body shivers multiple times and will think of this concert every time I hear these songs for the rest of my life!

Glad I got to spend some time with my family! 

Target Field 

Dad and I
Great Britain, USA, and Minnesota

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