August 30, 2014


We made it! Raylan and I arrived in Lappeenranta on Monday evening.  After a long day+ of travel we were so happy to see Sam and to be 'home'.  We couldn't see much on our drive into town because it was already so dark, but once the sun came out on Tuesday morning, I got to see how beautiful of a place this really is.  The best part?...  I don't even have to leave our apartment to see the beauty! 

Photo of the harbor taken through my window over my kitchen table... Coffee time! 
Sam's team, Saipa had just gotten back from a week in Switzerland and Germany on Sunday evening so they were all pretty tired and naturally they have had two practices a day almost every day since I have been here.  The first evening after I arrived they even had a team dinner with sponsors so I feel like we haven't actually gotten to spend much time together.  Maybe thats just me being a newley-wed who just can't seem to ever spend enough time with my husband!

The morning after I arrived I went straight to my new University to get my class schedule and student ID information.  I cannot wait for the classes to begin!  I missed my first one on Monday due to my flight schedule.. oh well.  So I was super excited for my Friday morning class, so excited that I accidentally went a week early.  Lucky me, I got to sit there for almost five hours while Sam was at practice and workout.  Good thing I had my iPad with me so I could finish Insurgent, the second book in the Divergent series.   

Saipa has their first home game this coming Thursday vs. Ingolstadt (Germany) it is a CHL game.  It will be so nice to see him back on the ice, and hopefully see them win!  

Raylan is a happy puppy.  Her operations have healed nicely and she is almost back at 100%.  She has already explored many of the cites parks and even played in two dog parks.  She is obsessed with her new food here and we are so thrilled we do not have to coax her into eating each and every piece of puppy kibble!  She is not the biggest fan of our apartment due to the fact that she has to act like a kitty to see outside.  

Raylan perched on the window ledge, sometimes she just lays up there.
Just last night I went to dinner with a group of girls from the team and we had such a good time, I can tell it is going to be a wonderful season!   

Walk in our front yard.

My favorite food thief. 


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