July 13, 2014


Every bride wants their groom to be wrapped up in something completely not wedding related during the last few days leading up to their wedding, right?  

Not exactly, but like usual in the hockey world you can almost expect everything to happen at quite possibly the absolutely most inconvenient time.  We jokingly predicted that the contract we would sign would come the week of the wedding, and it did! Sam was texting me pictures of him signing the contract minutes before leaving for our rehearsal dinner!

We could not be happier with the new team, league, city, and country!

Team: SaiPa 
Club: Liiga-SaiPa Oy
League: Liiga (Formerly known as the SM-Liiga)
City: Lappeenranta
Country: Finland

Marina in Lappeenranta

Lappeenranta is in the south, on the eastern side.

The team finished fourth in the regular season last season, so I am thinking that means we will be pretty good! Maybe we will even be able to win the championship for the second year in a row?

I am super excited about the city!  Lappeenranta is a town of approximately 73,000 people not including the 13,000 students that are there during the school year to attend their international university.  13,001 students if you count me, but ill tell you more about that later!  The city is on Lake Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland, and the fourth largest freshwater lake in Europe.  It is 30 miles from the Russian border. It is slightly closer to St. Petersburg, Russia than it is to Helsinki.  It is only a 2.5 hour drive or train ride to Helsinki, so we are not going to be too far from a large city!  Lappenranta does have its own international airport that flies to a select few locations (it is actually Finland's oldest still operating airport). I think that whatever flights are available on any days we have off will determine where we will be traveling this season.  Lappenranta is the second most visited city in Finland, so they have tourist 'activities' year round that I am excited to experience, lots of reindeer, snow- shoeing, mobiling, plowing, sledding, skiing, basically just lots of snow.  There are also many cabins and lake activities to do when its not freezing cold and snowing.  

I could go on and on, the more I read about the place the sooner I want to get there! I know... I'm weirdly more excited about this place than I was even for Stockholm!! I am just so thrilled for a new country and city that I have not ever experienced!  I am also super excited for the possible opportunity to get to travel a little in Russia (not a sure thing, as you have to get your visa accepted).  The city's size will be much better for Raylan, hopefully we will be able to find more open space where she can just be free and off leash... and maybe dogsled!  I think in a city this size I will feel more comfortable outside at night by myself, and also just home alone when Sam is gone.  I didn't even mention that we will have an automatic car there... OMG YES! That is a little dramatic, but for the past three seasons the stick shift and I just did not get along.  Yes, I could get from point A to B, but not smoothly, comfortably, without making my puppy carsick, or with a coffee in my hand, so I am delighted about our automatic transmission.  The town will be just large enough to have all the shopping I need or want (honestly, the shopping in Europe is for the most part not all its cracked up to be... its all {at least for me} the same brands just at a much higher price).  So all I need is my little 'fix' every once in a while and I will be happy.... I think...

The hockey situation seems amazing, and that means I will have a happy husband.

The best part of all (for me) is that I found a university I will be attending right in our town! That means  happy wife! 

The University

Here is the math:

Hockey: Happy Husband, Sam
School: Happy Wife, Cacilie
+ Space: Happy Puppy, Raylan

Happy Life.   

The temperature will be slightly colder than what we were getting in Sweden the past few years, but that just means I get to buy more boots, scarves, and mittens!  

xoxo Cacilie

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