June 20, 2014

Aruba bound

We are currently on our plane waiting to take off for Aruba! I cannot wait to relax and unwind... and honeymoon!!

In Aruba we have no internet at our resort.  Going 'off the grid' sounds like the perfect way to spend our honeymoon. No; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails, texts, or phone calls. Just each other! Isn't that what it's all about? 

And we're off!! 

Oh, and we got married!! Yay!! 

Cäcilie Löfquist 

June 10, 2014

What an exciting week!

This week is already flying right by for me. 

I almost forgot it was my birthday tomorrow.  I am so caught up in 'wedding world' that I honestly do not have one thing planned for my birthday.  That is so unlike me.  This was my biggest fear in choosing our wedding date so close to my birthday.  I didn't realize it would be this bad.  Basically my birthday is non-existent tomorrow... at least as of now. 

Then on Saturday (5 days from now) I am getting MARRIED!

Between now and then (in those 5 short days) I have a lot to do.. or do I? Am I just stressing out over it all for no reason? I don't know but I am so excited!! 

Today I finally got to see our engagement pictures we had taken two weeks ago with Raylan.  They turned out so beautifully! I ordered a few and ordered them with next day shipping, so I hope they make it here on time to have a few displayed at the wedding! Here are a few sneak peaks of some of them! I don't know how to upload them yet, so sorry for the poor quality!