May 11, 2014

time is flying!

Seems like just yesterday we were arriving back in Minnesota, but it has already been a month!  I can hardly believe that it has been that long, granted we were in Florida for nine of the days, I do not know where the rest of them went!

I have had a 'Bridal Shower' the past two weekends.  Those were amazing!! I left both of them both feeling almost overwhelmingly loved.  The amount of thought and preparation everyone put into both of the parties was so immense and obvious.  It made me feel very special.  They both had absolutely stunning desert displays.  The first shower (thrown by my Aunts) had a chocolate fountain beautifully displayed with every possible fruit and sweet that could be drizzled in chocolate.  The other shower (thrown by my friend Rebecca and her Mom, Kris) had a desert table with different cheesecakes, cake pops, candy (Sour Patch Kids, and Swedish Fish), brownies with creams, and raspberries dipped in white chocolate! Everyone got to know each other at least a little bit, so I am hoping that will allow most of the wedding guest to feel like they know each other on our big day!  I cannot express how thankful I am for everyone who was involved in these showers, for planning, for coming, for helping, for sharing stories, and for the amazing & generous gifts!

 We have been having some less than fabulous weather the past few weeks, yet both of the shower days were sunny and beautiful!  Life is good, and in thirty four days it will be wonderful!  They will be extremely busy, sometimes stressful, exciting, long, short, love filled, wedding planning days!

Wouldn't be a complete blog post without a picture or two of Raylan! She just got a hair cut and has celebrated her first birthday a week ago! To celebrate she had Filet Mignon for breakfast on the 'You are special today' plate. 

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