May 22, 2014


Lately, progress is the only thing that can make my; tense muscles, straining eyes, and stressfully short temper ease up a bit.  I am on wedding mode 24/7... seriously even when I am sleeping I am wedding mode.  I wake up and realize that my dream was a table arrangement, or some weirdly amazing idea of another thing I could add to my list of things to do for the wedding!  Its not all bad, I mean once it is all over, I think I will miss it!  One thing I do know, is that June 14th will be wonderful!

Happy that is is not freezing out anymore!

We are starting to get final numbers in for the big day!  I am so excited for everyone that is making the trip out to Pepin for our wedding, it is such a wonderful feeling to know how much people do care!  It is sad that some people cannot make it, and we understand that not everyone can come, but we will certainly be missing a few faces!  Thats what 16 hours of photographers and 10 hours of videographers are for, right?  Almost every moment will be captured forever and be viewable from anywhere in the world!

I had a meeting with our amazing florist Allison today, and she just set my heart at ease.  It is so nice to work with someone so talented, friendly, and caring!  Its almost like anything she does, I know I would/will like!  Even if something else does not work out.. I know my flowers will be beautiful and plentiful!

Those eyes get me every time!

I started my first DIY project for the wedding the other day!  I started making name cards for each guest!  I am making them out of corks from the vineyard we are using for our venue, Villa Bellezza!  I made about 16 different prototypes (number of corks, types of attachments, paper color, type of pen, horizontal corks, vertical corks) then I picked my favorite one and make a couple hundred of them!  Ok, that is a bit of a lie... I was having trouble (I didn't enjoy) cutting the corks, so my dad cut them all for me!  I love my dad.  I think they look beautiful, and I am sure many of you will be seeing them at the wedding, or else you will be seeing them in pictures! --- That is what I call progress, just another thing to check off of my list!

Now that I am feeling all DIY successful I have created another project for myself!  It involves large candlesticks, bowls, a hot glue gun and lots of spray paint!  With these items I will be making part of my centerpieces for some of the tables! When you cant find what you need... make it! That might not be the case all of the time, but in this case it was! It is terribly difficult to find pretty centerpieces that are over 24 inches tall that are strong enough to support a large floral arrangement!  I hope they work out! I am pretty sure they will!

I think those are the only two things I am making for the wedding... but my dad, mom, and brother are each making a very special thing for the wedding!  I cannot believe how much time and love they have each put into making each thing they are creating so much their own and so much for Sam and I! I'll keep what my mom and brother are making a surprise... but I will tell you what my dad is making.  He is making an arbor exactly the way I want it!  It will be behind Sam and I at our ceremony.  Initially you may have thought.. ok not that special, but to me it has more meaning than just a plain arbor.  My mothers father (my grandfather) made an arbor for my dad and mom's wedding 25 years ago... I am all sentimental, so I asked my dad to do the same.  So far it looks beautiful!

I'm sure everyone is dying to hear about my big black puppy, so I will update everyone on her.  She still loves the dog park.  She loves living at home with my parents and their 22 pound dog Klaus that she loves to bug... all the time.  I think she is still growing, and it seems like she can reach everything.  She does not give a s*it about the shock from the invisible fence that I keep trying to teach her about.  She learned how to dig big holes (just in time for my sisters graduation party).  We finally found a dog food that agrees with her digestive system, she had been sick again since my last post.  Raylan has also been pretty fashionable recently, getting a few new necklaces and leashes, her favorite new one is a dark purple set.  That way people can tell she is a girl, I think her red necklace was throwing everyone off.  It has been decided that she has way too many facial expressions to be 100% dog and she must in fact be part human.  She is also part cat, because she stalks (animals, including but not limited to Klaus) she always seems to land on her feet, and she is obsessed with chasing string and tugging on rope.  She is determined to tear down a huge rope swing that has been in our back yard since we built our house it in 1990.. that rope is 30 feet long and has a two inch diameter (good luck Raylan).  With her stubborn determination she will sit there tugging non stop for the longest time = puppy babysitter! I love her more and more each day, and I think she gets sweeter!  She will look so great in our photo-shoot next week!

New sparkly necklace!

Can you tell her dad plays hockey?  She is so easy-going she took a long nap like this.


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