May 31, 2014


My little sister, Katja graduated from high-school today!  That sentence still sounds crazy to me!  Seems like just yesterday that was me.... in a way it also feels like forever ago!  It is just that I graduated six years ago already!  I didn't realize how quickly she would grow up.  My whole family, Sam, Clare and I all went to the extremely long and boring graduation ceremony (it is a big high-school, Wayzata).  It was just over two hours long.  The ceremony was held in my old university's hockey rink, Sam's old rink, Mariucci Arena.

The Ceremony

Next year she will be attending the University of Minnesota Duluth.  I think that she will love it up there!  Duluth is a city about two and a half hours north of Minneapolis.  It is located on Lake Superior and it is an absolutely beautiful place! The dorms are connected to the school by a series of hallways and tunnels! That is great for a Minnesota winter, just walk to class in your slippers!  The schools size is not too big, and not too small with just over 10,000 students.  She will be pursuing her passions and talents with graphics, marketing and art.

Freshman year of college was for me, and most people that I have talked to, absolutely life changing and one of the best years of our lives!  I only wish for that she will have the most wonderful time of her life next year.

I hope for the very best for my dear sweet little sister! I think I will stay in the country long enough to help her move into her new digs... a tiny little dorm.  I do not believe anybody misses that specific part of freshman year.  On the other hand, the dorms can bring many wonderful memories and friendships.  Who knows, maybe she will find her future husband there, I did

Sunday we will be attending yet another graduation!  Sam's little sister Hayley will be graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College!  

Two weeks until the wedding.

Ten days until my birthday. 

xoxo Cacilie

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