April 8, 2014

We Won!

The 2013/14 hockey season is officially over! If you remember that tournament I was talking about in this post, well we went all the way! What better way to end a season than by winning and moving our team up to the SHL!

The last game was last night and I have never seen so many men crying.  Tears of joy all around, it was beautiful!  It was an extremely tight end to the tournament.  There were three games simultaneously last night that all had a chance to win!  It came down to a one point goal differential... way to keep us on the edge of our seats.  As soon as the buzzer sounded, the fans flooded the rink!  We had a wonderful celebration that we will never forget! 

Here is an article from yahoo on the win: Yahoo Sports Djurgarden Fans Flood the Rink

Slight change of subject, we come home in two days!!!  Absolutely thrilled to be getting back to friends, family and familiar home.  Can't wait to jump right back into our Minnesota lives! We will certainly miss all of the wonderful people we have meet this year, but hockey is a small enough world that you never really have to say goodbye... or at least that is what I tell myself! 

"Home" - Michael Bublé

I found this song fitting for a few reasons.  

1.  We are going home
2.  We saw Michael Bublé here in Stockholm this year
3.  I miss home

xoxo Cacilie

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