April 23, 2014

Sunshine, Palm Trees, and Dolphins

Sam and I arrived in Naples this afternoon.  The air felt amazing! I cannot remember the last time I felt such warm humidity!  Instant smile on this girl!

Tonight we had dinner on the beach while watching the sunset.  It doesn't get more perfect than that! I cannot wait to get out into the sunshine tomorrow and get into the ocean!  Hopefully the 50 spf will keep Sam from turning into a lobster, and hopefully the sun will turn me into a perfectly tan bride-to-be!

So far this trip has been so great, and we are only one day in!!

I miss Raylan, she is at a dog boarder in MN.  When we dropped them off they looked so excited and seemed to be having a good time in a matter of minutes.  Raylan maybe a little more than mature Lexi, but I am sure they have all settled in a little better now! I took a little video of Raylan trying to get into the back with Lexi on the drive up!

A funny thing actually happened today, it wasn't so funny at the time but it has been long enough now where I am finding myself giggling at it!  After we had parked the car, checked our baggage, and started going through the security line I looked in my purse.  I was looking for liquids... and I found... my Tazer.  I immediately thought I was going to miss my trip and go to get in trouble for having it in my purse, I mean it looked like it was trying to bring it on the plane.  I dropped my jaw and got white as a ghost.  Sam's parents had the car key and were already through security.  I had to think fast, I called my brother who was in the city.  He was able to be there in 20 minutes (I don't know how) and picked up the Tazer and we were all set to get back into the security line and go to Florida! Such a stressful beginning to the trip, but the rest has so far been smooth sailing! 

I'm sure I will be posting more pictures shortly! 


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  1. Love the photo of you two with that gorgeous sunset! That's absolutely divine!