April 5, 2014

Honeymoon for 1

Not only will Sam and I be seeing palm trees this month in Naples, but we finally booked our honeymoon!!

We are going to Aruba!  I cannot tell you how excited we are!  Or maybe how excited I am!  

It was a few days ago when I finally decided to book a place I had been looking at, the price was right!  A few hours after booking I realized that I had booked Sam a beautiful, warm, romantic, exotic, all-inclusive honeymoon.... ALONE! That explained the great price I found.  Glad I can laugh about that now.

After a few phone calls, a cancelation, a rebooking, and adding an additional guest, I was going on the honeymoon too! (thank goodness)

Now that I told Sam that all inclusive meant that you pay for all of your meals and everything so you don't even have to leave the resort or pay for anything once you get there... I am finding so many amazing 'adventures' for us to leave the resort and go experience!  

Aruba has this national park with a completely natural pool that you can go swimming in!  The only way to get there is by Jeep tour, renting a 4x4, hiking forever (I suppose), or by a horse trail ride.  I am thinking of taking the Jeep tour this day! 

They have a huge array of horse trail rides.  Some you get to go swimming in the ocean on horse back (did this in Mexico once, it was incredible) and some are more site-seeing, some are just plain romantic.  Private beach ride durning sunset??

Aruba also offers endless options for snorkeling and scuba diving.... not my cup of tea at all! Terrified of fish.  These tours also have options for people like me.  They offer sailboat, and catamaran tours.  Some are sunset cruises, but some are during the day and you get to go see shipwrecks and be on the water all day!! Did I mention that almost all of the tours have an open bar?  I cant decide between sunset or day time... both? Just kidding Sam! 

These are just few of the excursions I have found so far!! I cannot wait to be married and to be relaxing on a beach in what looks like paradise. 

Our wedding is on Saturday the 14th, and we leave on friday the 20th!  It will be nice to have a few days between the wedding and our departure! Wish we could take our puppy, but I'm not sure she would even like salt water. 



  1. Aruba is fantastic! A perfect place for a honeymoon. Wonderful beaches, nice people and beautiful houses. We were on a cruise with The Royal caribben cruises on our honeymoon, and one day we were in Aruba. It's really paradise, and we're saving money to go there again when I turn 50... Hope you will have a wonderful time there.


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