April 23, 2014

Sunshine, Palm Trees, and Dolphins

Sam and I arrived in Naples this afternoon.  The air felt amazing! I cannot remember the last time I felt such warm humidity!  Instant smile on this girl!

Tonight we had dinner on the beach while watching the sunset.  It doesn't get more perfect than that! I cannot wait to get out into the sunshine tomorrow and get into the ocean!  Hopefully the 50 spf will keep Sam from turning into a lobster, and hopefully the sun will turn me into a perfectly tan bride-to-be!

So far this trip has been so great, and we are only one day in!!

I miss Raylan, she is at a dog boarder in MN.  When we dropped them off they looked so excited and seemed to be having a good time in a matter of minutes.  Raylan maybe a little more than mature Lexi, but I am sure they have all settled in a little better now! I took a little video of Raylan trying to get into the back with Lexi on the drive up!

A funny thing actually happened today, it wasn't so funny at the time but it has been long enough now where I am finding myself giggling at it!  After we had parked the car, checked our baggage, and started going through the security line I looked in my purse.  I was looking for liquids... and I found... my Tazer.  I immediately thought I was going to miss my trip and go to get in trouble for having it in my purse, I mean it looked like it was trying to bring it on the plane.  I dropped my jaw and got white as a ghost.  Sam's parents had the car key and were already through security.  I had to think fast, I called my brother who was in the city.  He was able to be there in 20 minutes (I don't know how) and picked up the Tazer and we were all set to get back into the security line and go to Florida! Such a stressful beginning to the trip, but the rest has so far been smooth sailing! 

I'm sure I will be posting more pictures shortly! 


April 18, 2014

Home & Loving it

After quite possibly the worst flying experience of my life, we did in fact make it back to Minnesota! All three of us (Sam, Raylan, and myself) arrived to beautiful spring weather.  That lasted for a day... we received a slight snow storm, and it is more snow that I saw the whole winter in Sweden!  That aside, other than the terrible flights and trying to declare a HUGE dog kennel, a hockey bag, three suitcases, and a carry-on in Chicago by myself, and Sam getting his carry-on stolen at the curb, everything went well.

Hanging out in Arlanda before the big trip! 

Since we have been home we have been busy! Getting ready for the wedding, getting ready for Florida, trying to get Sam's bag back (which we did get most of it back), and indulging in some of our favorites that we missed! I guess we have also been just taking care of business that accumulates when you are gone that long, but that is the boring stuff.

The shopping here is phenomenal.  We went to Mall of America the other day, and I realized why the foreign exchange students went crazy when I took them there in high school! The prices and selection make me wonder why I did any shopping in Sweden.  Actually I know why, because I am a girl, and I love to shop.  I found a lot of cute summer clothes for Florida!

The first day we were home

The third day we were home

Raylan has been adjusting just fine to Minnesota.  We realized that she has spent the majority of her life in Sweden, the second most time in California, and the third most time in Minnesota! Yikes, so to help her get acclimated to 'cool' Minnesota stuff we are having her go to a Hunting Dog boarding camp while we are in Naples next week! I think she will have a blast!  We brought her to the vet to get a check up and to try to slowly get her off of here beef, rice, and spinach diet.  It is going well, but she likes the "beef" here, venison.. oh yes I am serious.


I have been busy with wedding stuff.  We picked out our wedding bands and ordered those! I can't wait until they arrive.  I had a few dress fittings, and it is so fun to see my dress coming together!  I have two showers and my bachelorette party coming up next month so I am just so excited for life!! Lots to do, but it is all good and happy!  Not too long now, under two months until the big day!

I also have been slowly getting together with some of my girlfriends!  I missed them so much!  First on the list was my friend Hallie who had her baby, Jack the day that I left for Sweden! I definitely got a little emotional when I finally got to meet him!  Just the absolute cutest!! Went to dinner with some other girlfriends and hopefully more fun times to come! I am sure it will be a busy weekend!  On Easter this Sunday I will get to see many of my relatives that I haven't seen for so long!

We finally got to meet Jack!

We are settling in so nicely, and certainly miss things about Sweden, but it feels so good to be home!

xoxo Cacilie

If you need to find us, we are either at Chipotle, Starbucks, or the dog park. 

April 8, 2014

We Won!

The 2013/14 hockey season is officially over! If you remember that tournament I was talking about in this post, well we went all the way! What better way to end a season than by winning and moving our team up to the SHL!

The last game was last night and I have never seen so many men crying.  Tears of joy all around, it was beautiful!  It was an extremely tight end to the tournament.  There were three games simultaneously last night that all had a chance to win!  It came down to a one point goal differential... way to keep us on the edge of our seats.  As soon as the buzzer sounded, the fans flooded the rink!  We had a wonderful celebration that we will never forget! 

Here is an article from yahoo on the win: Yahoo Sports Djurgarden Fans Flood the Rink

Slight change of subject, we come home in two days!!!  Absolutely thrilled to be getting back to friends, family and familiar home.  Can't wait to jump right back into our Minnesota lives! We will certainly miss all of the wonderful people we have meet this year, but hockey is a small enough world that you never really have to say goodbye... or at least that is what I tell myself! 

"Home" - Michael Bublé

I found this song fitting for a few reasons.  

1.  We are going home
2.  We saw Michael Bublé here in Stockholm this year
3.  I miss home

xoxo Cacilie

April 5, 2014

Honeymoon for 1

Not only will Sam and I be seeing palm trees this month in Naples, but we finally booked our honeymoon!!

We are going to Aruba!  I cannot tell you how excited we are!  Or maybe how excited I am!  

It was a few days ago when I finally decided to book a place I had been looking at, the price was right!  A few hours after booking I realized that I had booked Sam a beautiful, warm, romantic, exotic, all-inclusive honeymoon.... ALONE! That explained the great price I found.  Glad I can laugh about that now.

After a few phone calls, a cancelation, a rebooking, and adding an additional guest, I was going on the honeymoon too! (thank goodness)

Now that I told Sam that all inclusive meant that you pay for all of your meals and everything so you don't even have to leave the resort or pay for anything once you get there... I am finding so many amazing 'adventures' for us to leave the resort and go experience!  

Aruba has this national park with a completely natural pool that you can go swimming in!  The only way to get there is by Jeep tour, renting a 4x4, hiking forever (I suppose), or by a horse trail ride.  I am thinking of taking the Jeep tour this day! 

They have a huge array of horse trail rides.  Some you get to go swimming in the ocean on horse back (did this in Mexico once, it was incredible) and some are more site-seeing, some are just plain romantic.  Private beach ride durning sunset??

Aruba also offers endless options for snorkeling and scuba diving.... not my cup of tea at all! Terrified of fish.  These tours also have options for people like me.  They offer sailboat, and catamaran tours.  Some are sunset cruises, but some are during the day and you get to go see shipwrecks and be on the water all day!! Did I mention that almost all of the tours have an open bar?  I cant decide between sunset or day time... both? Just kidding Sam! 

These are just few of the excursions I have found so far!! I cannot wait to be married and to be relaxing on a beach in what looks like paradise. 

Our wedding is on Saturday the 14th, and we leave on friday the 20th!  It will be nice to have a few days between the wedding and our departure! Wish we could take our puppy, but I'm not sure she would even like salt water. 


April 1, 2014

That time of year

Typically this is the time of year when mother nature decides to let up a little bit and we begin to feel the sunshine again.  Here in Stockholm, she let up months ago... seriously easy winter.  Back home, all I hear is from family and friends is, "It snowed again" or "It was pretty warm today, only -208!"  That made it a little easier to stay in Stockholm in my light jacket and converse all winter.

Finally it really is warming up in Minnesota, still snowing, but in more comprehendible temperatures in the positive!  Phew, I was worried we would be going home to a winter wonderland again like last year.  We will be enjoying the sunshine and 50 degree weather this last week here!  Then it is time to go home!!! 

That means it is time to start packing...

Packing is the worst.  

You have to make so many decisions.  You have to decide what to leave here in Sweden, and what to bring home.  Since it is warming up back home, do I still bring all of my sweaters back? Knowing me, probably yes, but I can at least pretend I thought about it.  The clothes are the easy part. 

All of the 'stuff' we buy here to enhance our quality of life during the season is the tricky stuff to pack.  Home decor, candles, rugs, comforters, bathroom sets, dishes, silverware, a TV, an Ice cream maker, crafting stuff... yes I craft, some small furniture items, a sled, small kitchen appliances, Christmas decorations... everything that didn't come with our 'furnished apartment'.  Every time we buy something we know that once we pack it up and put it... who knows where for the summer... there is a slight chance we may never see it again.  That makes it even harder to pack, but you can't bring it all home, that would just be stupid.

Dropping Sam off at the airport this past July.

So we have started the process of packing, and it is most certainly a process.  Wish me luck!

Other than that we are basically ready to go! 

I ran into quite the problem with my flight.  I had booked through delta with an agent to make sure that both my flight into Sweden, and out of Sweden were best suited for Raylan.  Then a few weeks ago I got an email stating that they not only changed my flight and aircraft, but that I would no longer be a able to take my dog with me.  

Three and a half hours later (on a skype call) I had a new flight that same day but it had two layovers instead of just the one.  It was supposed to take us 12.5 hours to get home and Raylan was supposed to be having some time in the Pet hotel in Amsterdam.   Now Raylan will have to be in her kennel for 18 hours, and I am just sick about it.  I offered to fly out the 6th, 7th ,8th ,9th ,10th , and 11th of April.  This was the only flight option available they game me.  They also tried to tell me that I would be in a middle seat on all three flights; definitely didn't let that happen!   I am not very happy with Delta right now... in fact I am furious and sad.  Can you believe the lady on the phone tried to tell me to leave Raylan in Sweden?  Yikes!! I hope that all of our travels go smoothly.  Oh, and Sam is on a totally different flight! Fabulous

Raylan in her kennel getting ready for her flight to Sweden! 

Basically, packing is stressful and a lot of work, our flight situation couldn't get much worse, and we can't wait to be home!! 

Almost forgot to mention the cherry on top.  My car is stuck in ice and snow at our cabin, guess I will be home-bound for a while....

My car last year, same thing...