March 21, 2014

Home in 20 days!!

No matter how much you love where you are, there is no place like home.  

I am ready to go home. 

Here is a list of things that I am ready to do once I get there! 

  • Hug my family and friends, and get to spend time with them!
  • Drive my car without stalling it every other minute, and have my speed not be restricted by my engine size.
  • Go shopping at my favorite stores, and actually be able to buy what I want. 
  • Sleep in my bed, at my house, in complete darkness!
  • Be able to drive to Starbucks and feel like it is cheap (comparatively).
  • To see English everywhere and to understand everything again! 
  • Physically be able to do things I need to for the wedding. 
  • Have my ridiculously fast & unlimited internet back on my phone. 
  • Re-introduce Raylan to our family pets at home, and teach her about the invisible fence.
  • Watch TV in real time, on the day it airs. 
  • Not have to convert a thing: temperature, currency, weights, electricity, distances, the time... ect. 
  • Possibly make an income, no matter how small. 
  • Get a hair cut.
  • Go to Panara, Chipotle... a under $10 meal sounds incredible.  
  • Go up north to my cabin. 
  • Go to Florida with Sam and his family just twelve days after we get home. 
  • Have access to my full closet, and all of my shoes. 
  • See movies, on-or-close-to their release date.
  • Be able to attend events or go to parties that I am invited to. 
  • Not have to constantly keep in mind the time zones & just to call people when I think of them. 
  • Have stores (Costoc, Target, CVS) to go to at almost any hour of the day, and know that I can get what I want and need.
  • Go on bike rides, runs, and dog walks around the lakes by my house with my dad. 
  • To put in gas and not have to squeeze the pump the whole time or pay un-godly amounts for it.
  • Know where I am going, not have to google map EVERYTHING.
  • Not have to sign up for gym classes a week in advance, and to get a gym membership at home and understand the whole class! 
  • Buy and read magazines. 
  • Freeziac, Cold Stone, Nadia Cakes, Swedish FishSour Patch Kids(yo)gurt [lab], my American sweet spots.
  • The gluten free selection at Whole Foods.
  • Buy Raylan a TON of new dog toys and have enough space for her to run freely off the leash!
  • Have our lives not 100% controlled by hockey, weekend off? Don't mind if I do! 
  • Spend some time with my little sister before she graduates high school! I'll get to see her Prom, and her dance performances! 
  • Go out for dinner at all of the wonderful restaurants of MLPS with friends and family!

I am ready to be go back to the USA, but will certainly be sad to leave here. I am such a sap

 "Coming Home" - Ditty, Dirty Money ft. Skyler Grey

This song came out around the time we were coming home from Sweden the first time, three years ago!  Since then we have saved it for this time of year each of the following years.  I broke it out again for this blog post! It just makes me so happy! We have a few other songs about going home that I will include on future blog posts! Anyone have other suggestions on songs about going home? 

Hope to see some of you soon!! xoxo


  1. Understand that you are longing! Not only because your home looks amazing and your family is just that but for all the american stuffs too :) I get it more now after living in Denmark and that is still a country that is close and have almost the same stuffs.. :P Wish we would have had time to meet up but I'm working and studying all the time right now :( But we have to scype soon and see each other as soon as possible! We miss you! Big hugs from me, Niklas and Puh :)

    1. I can't wait to talk to you and hear all about Denmark! Yeah, there just comes a time when home sounds pretty nice! Wish you could come up to Stockholm too, but I completely understand! Plus I probably wouldn't be the best host right now.. packing.. wedding.. hockey.. xoxo Skype soon!

  2. How about Daughtry -Home?