March 26, 2014

check it off

I have this huge list of 'daunting' tasks awaiting me.  I have put them off, stressed about them, just created all of these unrealistic fears about each one of them.  You might ask why?  I am a perfectionist.  This means that I will stress about Ecru vs. Ivory until the sun comes up.  It is terrible.

I am really good at partially completing the tasks by creating lots of options, listing the pros and cons of each, and saving them neatly to a folder or pinterest.  I can pinterst ALL day!  Its an easy way for me to be 'working' on the wedding while really making no progress at all.  I mean I have enough pictures pinned to choose from, a few more really isn't going to do much for me.

The past week or so I have been actually checking things off my lists!  How? Every minute of every day (it seems) and just telling myself I have to cross one of each day, and lots of coffee!  Why didn't I come up with this plan months ago.

At this rate, I will be ready for the wedding in just 79 days!

A few more day countdowns:

190  days since I have been in MN
86  days until we leave for our honeymoon (undetermined ^ on the list)
75  days until my birthday
66  days until my little sister graduates
27  day until we leave for FL
13  days until the last game of playoffs!
15  days until we are home

until then... checking off my tasks one by one will pass the time!

Just realized that this time last year, not only was I home, but I was in New York... ohhh how the playoffs changed my schedule!

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