February 14, 2014

Valentines Day ❤

Today marks the day of my very first Valentines Day dinner date with Sam! This is our fifth Valentines Day together... so why did we never go on a date before?  I don't want to blame it on hockey... but it is because of hockey.

The first two Valentines days he was in Toronto, and I couldn't travel to be there with him at that time.  I believe I sent him a big pink envelope of LOVE stuff.  Some mixed CD's, pictures, letters, complete with heart stickers.  I'm sure we skyped and had a fun loving time! 

The third Valentines Day we were in Oskarshamn, Sweden.  I was going about my normal activities when something clicked in my head (around 4 pm) when I realized it was Valentines day!    The same thing happened to Sam at the rink, I think he grabbed flowers and chocolate on the way home! We both had gotten confused and thought that it was the next day, an away-game day. I think we ended up making a romantic dinner at home with the few hours we had left!

The fourth Valentines Day we were again in Oskarshamn.  Having gone to most of the restaurants in town too many times, we decided to have a baking cookie Valentines Day. I believe we had take-out from of one of our favorite places Åstroms. We made heart sugar cookies and decorated them in shades of pink with sprinkles! It was so much fun, and a playful way to celebrate Valentines Day! 

This Valentines Day we planned ahead and made reservations at a place called Mississippi Inn here in Stockholm. It was recommended by a friend. When I got home from the gym Sam was already home from practice and had red roses and chocolate waiting for me on the kitchen table.  I had picked up some chocolate and Oreos for him on the way home as well!  I also got Raylan a new red toy for her Valentines present, she loves it, hasn't put it down all day! The day flew by and next thing you know we were at dinner.  Sam had barbecue ribs.  I guess that is an acceptable choice five years in, bbq face is such a sexy look. Just kidding, he ate if like he knew what he was doing.  At dinner I asked Sam what his favorite love memory (I had to explain as the moment when you felt the most love) was that past year.  He said it was when he was on the couch and I had fallen asleep on on side of him snuggling, and Raylan had done the same thing on the other side.  He said he felt so much love from both of us in that moment. For me it was walking around with Sam in the dark through the old town of Prague this past December. What is your moment this past year when you felt the most love?

 We came home and decide to watch Valentines Day (the movie) and remembered how boring it is and stopped about 1/4 way through.  Now we are all three snuggling on the couch watching some of the Olympic Games!  It was such a wonderful evening, I enjoyed getting to go on a date with my boyfriend! 

What is your favorite thing to do on Valentines day? Anybody else have trouble celebrating Valentines Day without life getting in the way?

I hope everyone feels some love today, because everyone deserves to be loved on Valentines Day & every day! 

❤ Cacilie 

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  1. The food looks interesting was it good?

    Life always gets in the way on Valentine's Day, even when it's a Friday or the weekend :-)