February 4, 2014

My Rockstar Fiancé

Sam, Steve, and Dustin the day of recording!

I really mean it, Sam is now a certified Rockstar.  Oh my, I cannot keep a straight face while saying that, but it is true.  Sam and two of his teammates are climbing the charts here in Sweden with their new single, Wicked Games!  They call themselves, The Saviano Express.  Ok, I am lying on that part.  The guys don't call themselves that. They were given that name by the producer (Fredrik Olsson).   

Itunes Chart just days after the song was released! (Released January 27, 2014)

I did purchase this delightful melody.  Music to my ears... I hope I don't regret writing this on here.. but sadly not music to my ears.  The genre (metal) is not my usual 'go to', its basically my absolute never 'go to'.  That being said, I still LOVE this song! The intro is my favorite, its really the only part where you can hear each guy say a little line, I find it incredibly adorable! 

A sleeping giant faces dawn
And the league where we belong
A yellow, red and blue machine
Coming at you feirce and strong
On broken wings we're rising
This is the season all will change
And the wicked games we play 
Keeping all the hicks at bay 
Our colors never run as we all bring you 
down, down, down
Watch us storm the ice again
Dwarfing what stands pine
Everytime we play our game
disabling Their Control
Full speed ahead now, teammates
From our dreadful dreams we will wake
And the wicked games we play 
Keeping all the hicks at bay 
Our colors never run as we all bring you 
down, down, down
Beat them through the five hole
Buzz around the net Still pitching a shutout
A night we will not forget
Looking for the equalizer
We've got a bench cleaning brawl
Stand them up on the blueline
Hear our crowd roar

The 'Studio'

The wonderful people who made it happen! 

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  1. I just got around to responding to your comment that you left on my blog post about the dog, but you showed up as a no-reply comment bloggers, so I couldn't send it back to your email address. But here was my response: Ya they look so similar to Giant Schnauzers. I want to see a picture of yours! We would end up doing the same thing. My dog is so used to his life at my parents and having a lot of room to run around and I wouldn't want to take him away from that and put him in a small apartment, so we would end up getting a puppy too. I totally know what you mean about it being sad and lonely without a dog. I keep telling my fiance that it would help me so much to have one. If we end up going to Europe we will probably end up getting one, so I'll definitely ask you for help! Thank you!

    Also- shoot me an email at ashley@married-to-the-game.com. I'd love to connect with you and hear about your experience over there and where your man played before going over there!