February 2, 2014


One thing that visitors mean, is that I get tired and have many activities to do.  For Raylan they more often than not mean quite the opposite.  So I knew as soon as I was able, it was back to long walks, dog sledding and afternoons at the dog park!

Today I wasted no time and braved the cold. I went straight from dropping my friend Kirsten off at the airport directly to the dog park.  We went to one downtown in Humlegården

 Some videos at the park of the dogs all playing!  

I have never seen quite so many dogs there at one time!  Some of them I recognized, but most of them Raylan had never met.  She was a bit apprehensive about entering.  She was definitely smaller than the majority of the dogs today.  There were two Great Danes, one 80kg and the other slightly smaller.  There were many other large breeds there as well.  Some of the dogs we saw today were, a couple of Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Golden Retrievers, a German Pointer/Vizsla mix (adorable!), a few Whippets, a couple of Poodles, an Irish Wolfhound, a few Jack Russell Terriers and we even saw another Giant Schnauzer! 

We ended up staying almost two hours! She was so covered in other dog saliva that she went straight into the shower once we got home.  It is now 11pm and Raylan is still sleeping, that is what I like to call a successful day at the dog park!  

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