February 9, 2014

feeling blessed

Today I was going about normal day to day activities when I was reminded how scary this thing we call life really is, and how quickly it can change.  

I am the kind of person who even though nobody got hurt, still sits here in shock and needs a good hug when my fiancé's team bus burns to the ground.   I was so shocked when my friend sent me a link to the article and photo about it happening today.   All of a sudden my mind was flooded with way too many thoughts! 

"Were the boys on the bus today?" 
"Where is Sam? I should really call Sam!"
"Oh no, what if something happened?"
"Did people get hurt?"

I then got shaky, sweaty, sad, cold, nervous, basically a bundle of emotions! All of this happened before google even had the time to translate the webpage for me!  I soon found out that the bus driver was the only one on board, and he got off of the bus in time to remain unharmed!  They didn't say why the fire started, just that it happened this morning.  This is still terrifying to me!  The hockey team spends so many hours on that bus, it is truly a miracle that they were not on it when this 'mystery' fire started.  I would like to think that a full team of hockey boys would have been able to to get off the bus fast enough, had this happened while they were onboard, but you never know.  Hopefully the new team bus is a better one, actually I pray it is a better one!! 

As I write this blog, I am reminded of all of the blessings in my life.  I can see Sam and Raylan both sleeping peacefully on the couch.  I have loving family and friends here, and back home.  We live in a cozy safe apartment, with delicious warm food.  Everywhere I look I see blessings small and large.  I am so happy that my life is just the way it is today, and that nothing is changed.  

sending love today to everyone


  1. I am so glad to hear that no one was hurt, and you said it right life can be very scary and it is so important to take every moment you have to tell those that are important to you that you love them, sending you lots of love and hugs and once again I am so glad that every one is ok!

    1. You are so sweet Muffin! Thank you, I am too! You are so right! I send love to you too! Can't wait to see you!! xoxo

  2. I'm so glad that you all are safe as well. I love you and am sending you, Sam and Raylan love and hugs. So good to be grateful for the moment. Thanks for posting this. It makes me grateful for all the blessings in my life too!

    1. Raylan says she is too! So nice to skype last night :) So grateful for you!