January 13, 2014

Water, Water Everywhere!

We had been having wonderful weather in the high forties low fifties.  Until a few days ago when the snow came falling on down, all day and all night.  By the time it was morning we had a winter wonderland outside! Raylan thought/thinks it is all one big toy/treat.  Anyone who knows Raylan knows her favorite thing is water, she loves to drink it, like REALLY REALLY loves to drink it! It is a bit of an obsession.  The snow is so great to her because she can eat it and lick it whenever she wants! Plus it is really fun to shove her head into and roll around.  Her beard becomes full of snow/ice and that allows her to continue eating it and licking it even after she is back in the house.  She has not had much experience with ice yet, but the little time she had on it was really cute.  Is it bad that I think it is so cute to watch her slip around and struggle to stand on all fours? 

We took her on quite a long walk that first evening in the snow and she had so much fun playing around in it! These pictures are from that walk.  Wish I could have taken more, but my memory is always full... so frustrating! 

Raylan enjoying licking the snow on the balcony

The boys had a great game the other night.  They beat Bjorkloven 7 to 0! It is so nice to see the team doing so well and to see how much the fans love it!  It is also nice to have Sam extra happy after the game.  Who doesn't like a nice dinner at O'Leary's with friends after the game?  I think we should win 7 to 0 more often! 


  1. I love her happy tail wagging in picture three - your camera captured the wag!

  2. She is always wagging her tail! She misses you too!