January 18, 2014

Unusual things

Seems like we have been going out for meals more than usual lately.  This made me want to start cooking more 'unusual' things.  Or maybe I should say things that I have not made ever, or in a long time.

My favorite food being lobster, I decided to give it a go.  SUPER easy, 3 minutes in the oven.  Bought it pre-cooked so not sure if that counts as me cooking.  I could say I prepared the lobster and served it.  I did cook the sides (green beans and butter)... So steaming the green beans was the most difficult part of this meal.  I would say lobster is quite possibly one of the easiest meals to prepare, quite possibly easier than Mac & Cheese.  I recommend it for beginner trying to make something special who have little or no talent in the kitchen.  Thant being said, finding the proper 'tools' for picking and opening the  Lobster was a funny challenge.  We had two scissors, a small hammer, an even smaller pliers that bends every-which-way, and a Swedish cheese cutter.  Picking the lobster took some time and work, but tasted so wonderful! 

Our Two Lobsters

What we had for 'tools' 

Before we started the messy process.  I may have made a little too much butter...


A close second for favorite food for me is Sushi.  I have made it at home (Minnesota) maybe twice, so at least it wasn't my first time.  We went to ICA (the grocery store) and picked up the essentials: sushi rice, bamboo mat, smoked salmon (not raw), wasabi, ginger, sushi nori, avocado, rice-vinegar, cream cheese, seaweed salad, etc.  I cooked the rice exactly how it said on the packaging and it was not working out, so I had to make another batch.  The rest of the rolling/creating of the rolls went smoothly and we had a delicious dinner!

Some of the rolls, I think these were the 'California-ish' ones..

As usual I made Sam take a picture mid-bite.  Forgot to mention we also had miso soup with the sushi.. another thing that is incredibly easy to make. 


Today we had the day off and that meant we had time for a nice breakfast... brunch.  We don't exactly get up in time for breakfast on days off...  I made some gluten-free buckwheat pancakes: plain, raspberry, and blueberry.  These were served with freshly whipped cream, fresh berries, and maple syrup.  Sam and I both grew up with pure maple syrup, which makes the other stuff just taste gross.  So we were so happy when found some quality pure maple syrup imported from Canada at ICA.  This was just the cherry on top... delicious breakfast.. brunch... pancakes!   Lastly I made some extremely cheesy eggs to go with them for adequate protein.   Pretty sure we both ate too much.. actually I am positive. 

My raspberry one! Is it just me or is the buckwheat here just not as dark as back home? 

As you can see, I am a huge fan of whipped cream.

Sam doesn't eat fruit so I got all the berries! Lucky me!

I couldn't help myself.  She was sniffing like crazy and licking the air in front of her.  She couldn't find from where this wonderful smell was coming.  Occasionally she would get a little taste and become more eager to find the source.  (Couldn't have a whole post without at least one photo of the puppy!)

Originally we were looking for whole wheat flour and were unsuccessful.  Sam did find this and found the name rather amusing.  Maybe we were just tired, but Salta Dinkel Flingor?  Translation said, 'good for bread and granola'.  We almost always get one good laugh at ICA.

What should I make next?? Hmmm... maybe French Macarons? Just watched the video in this link here I think it will be a great next thing to try! I always have fun making sweets! 


  1. Cscilie, you are an amazing cook!

  2. Love the comment about too much butter...maybe? so funny!!!