January 27, 2014

On the Ice

Last time I went on Sam's team rink, he proposed! This time I got a hello and a hug, and the chance to experience something beautiful.

Djurgården was having an event for a nearby hospital.  Children from the hospital and their family's were invited to go skating with the team.  It was so wonderful seeing all of the children's faces while they interacted with the boys on the ice.  The team wrote a little article on their website, I have the link here.  

Johan Sahlen was nice enought to take this photo of us three at the event!  

All of the girls from the team were invited to go skating. My friend Kirsten (visiting from the US) and I went together and meet up with Caroline and her two little brothers.  We got all laced up and ready to skate.  Once the time came for us to actually go on the ice we where feeling pretty hesitant about our decision to join!.  Fewer girls from the team had showed up than I had expected... But it was too late to turn back.  We made the best of it and had fun.

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