December 2, 2013

The 'Final Goodbye'

I just got back from bringing my sister to the airport.  It was incredibly hard to say goodbye to her.  Other than the fact that she is one of my best friends and we have an incredible time together (when we get a chance to be together) I think it was so hard because it was the end of family visits for this season. I have been so busy since I got here with my all my wonderful guests! First came my Mother & Grandmother, then two weeks later Sam's Mom and Dad came.  While they were here (In Stockholm) I went down to the Baltic States and spent the week with my Dad and brother, when I got back Sam's parents were still here and the day after they left my Little Sister came.... and now she is gone.  

It basically took everything I had to keep it together while saying bye in the security line!  I waited until Katja was out of sight and then bolted to the car and broke down for quite a while.  

My dad has this saying he likes so much (usually he tells it to me every trip we go on, multiple times).  It goes like this.  "Don't be sad its over, be happy it happened!" I did a little research and I think it comes from the Dr.Seuss quote that is quite similar. 

Keeping that in mind, I am just going to remember how amazing each and every one of our guest have been so far this year, and how blessed we are that we have already had so many visitors!! I will also remember that I have Skype and Facetime to communicate which are huge blessings of the 21st century.   I also have the most wonderful little puppy who is great company and always entertaining.  Oh, I guess I also have one other special person here... my amazing Fiance Sam whom I just cannot get enough of. I think ill be alright ;)

Lots and Lots of Love! xoxo Cacilie

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  1. You seem like such a loving person! I'm glad Stockholm and Djurgården gets a piece of your personality :)