December 7, 2013

Snow! ❄

Mother Nature finally decided to decorate for Christmas! Not that I love the cold or the snow, but I really dislike wet muddy frozen cold dark brown everything. So I am pretty happy about the white carpet that reflects the little bit of sunshine we do get here in Stockholm! 

It was Raylan's first time seeing snow.  She couldn't figure it out! She barked, growled and then cowered a little bit & then repeated. This continued all evening as the snow was falling. The next morning on our morning walk she went crazy hyper! Running back and forth, around and around. She was running her big bearded face as deep as she possibly could into the snow! I think she believes all snow is one ginormous toy! 

With the snow comes ice.  I think it is so cute when she slips all over the place. She looks at me as if asking, 'Why is this happening?' I laugh. She gets me back when she darts off and then I slip. Nothing too bad yet, but I have a feeling I may fall onto my bum a few times this year! 

The past few weeks we have been spending a lot of time cleaning Raylan. That long hair was beautiful, I LOVED it! However thick long clean hair, and puppy who plays in the muddy dog park with lots of dogs slobbering around do NOT go well or easily together. 

We had been putting the haircut off because of the $330 price tag on a Giant Schnauzer haircut here in Sweden.  I finally caved in and decided to give it a go myself. Sam was the muscle holding Raylan still and keeping her from tracking hair everywhere.  I was supposed to cut her thick hair with a department store clipper and scissor. Four or five hours later we had a puppy with shorter, much more manageable hair! She loves it! Being used to professional Schnauzer cuts think it looks a little homely, but it is growing on me! 

I took a few pictures today to show off the snow and her cute little figure that was hiding under all of her hair! 

Back when she was fluffy and giving me a kiss! 

 This one is from the day before the haircut! She caught her first snowflake ❄

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