December 26, 2013


Currently we are on a train from Berlin to Prague.  It has been a stressful morning to say the least! Trying to make sure to make it to the train on time, and then just trying to get on and get a seat.  It was my first time booking train tickets and I did not make seat reservations. BIG mistake! Oh well, you live & you learn! We are very excited for Christmas in Prague, and had a wonderful time in Berlin.

The reason we were in Berlin was for the European Trophy Tournament. Sam's team played great both games but did not win any this time. To get into this round of the tournament they won 6/8 games in the preseason. Sam got to travel to Finland, Switzerland, and now Germany for the tournament. I decided I wanted to go to Berlin too, because who wants to spend the five days before Christmas home alone in a foreign country? 

Two other girls from the team had the same thought and we planned a fun trip together. We did quite a lot in our 5 days in Berlin; shopping, Starbucks (which FINALLY opened in Stockholm the day we left), Christmas markets, glühwein, historic monuments, German food, sushi, hockey games, and beer houses. 

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of German Food, I would almost always choose a German beer house/restaurant  over another restaurant.  This is only for one thing, they have the best atmosphere! People being loud, dancing, the decor, the liters, beer mugs, and the food can be surprisingly good.   

Shopping and eating seemed 'cheep' in Berlin.  I must also explain myself on this one. We have been living in Sweden so long that now, the rest of Europe seems so reasonable. Starbucks in Berlin is under $5 for a latte, in Stockholm a random coffee shop is $8 or more!  Also in Stockholm going out to eat for Sushi can be so expensive (and they do things like mayonnaise instead of cream cheese..) but here in Berlin the sushi was fresh, delicious, and reasonable!  That is why we had so much fun shopping and eating on this trip.  

Christmas markets seem to be everywhere physically possible in this city. I love it! I wish America had Christmas Markets. They are absolutely wonderful, with crepes, glühwein, fresh apple cider, racklette, roasted nuts, Christmas gifts and decor, hot chocolate, musicians, chocolate.  They are the best thing about Christmas in Europe!  Upon reading I saw that Prague's Christmas
markets are even better than Berlin's!  

Can't wait to get there & off of this crowded train! Apparently it's the busiest day of the year for train travel! Yikes! 

Brandenburg Gate 

The Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie 

Martina and I the first day doing a little shopping!

Even the malls get dressed up
for Christmas! 

Some Champagne while shopping!

Ready for game two! 

Berlin o2 World arena

Dinner at the Hofbräuhaus

Amy and I enjoying some hot Glühwein!

Sam really liked the fresh out of the oven pretzels! 

The fresh cider which smelt just like home! Definitely had a couple glasses of this one! 

I just love that they had a disco ball hanging up there!

Christmas Market!

Amazing Sushi and Champagne bar!

Dinner the last night in Berlin with Steve and Martina!

This is what I ordered in a brief moment of courage!?!  

Sony light show! 

We are very much missing all of our friends and family back home! We wish you all a wonderful Christmas full of love and happiness! 

Love, Cäcilie & Sam! 


  1. I'm a soon to be hockey wife too and I just started my own blog. I came across yours in the hockey wife group on Facebook and I'm so happy that I found it because I cant wait to read along about your travels! There is a strong possibility that hockey will take us to Europe next year and I can't wait to see where we end up.

    1. That's so great, blogs are a great way to stay connected when we are moving all over for hockey! I love to read the other blogs as well and will be checking yours out. Europe is a fabulous place to play. It can be quite an adjustment, but such a wonderful life experience! If you have any questions at all just feel free to ask me anything!