November 10, 2013

The Lofquist's are here!

I'll start by saying visitors are just the best! Especially family & people you love & miss!

Sam's parents arrived two days ago and we have been having fun ever since. The first (tired/jet lagged) day we walked around the neighborhood and area around the rink, and in the night we walked around Gamla Stan. Thinking back now... that was a lot of walking for very tired people! Raylan had a great day!

Didn't realize how big Raylan is getting until I saw this picture! 

The second night we had a nice dinner at home! 

Dinner was followed by Elderberry Mousse at the Viking Restaurant (Aifur) in Gamla Stan. It's a very festive, well decorated place! 

I didn't take this picture, but many people are dressed as Vikings in this place. We even saw a girl with elf pointy ears! 

Looking forward to a few more fun days together before I leave for my trip! I'm meeting my dad & brother in Riga on the twelfth! We will be spending a week in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia! 

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