November 1, 2013

Swedish Halloween

This year marks the first year of my life I did not dress up for halloween or celebrate anything about it on the day.  Ok well maybe I ate too much sugar and candy on my own.. but that is a pretty common occurrence.

Left to right. Mine, Anna's, & Amy's pumpkins! 

The day before Halloween a few girls from the team got together and carved pumpkins. We were at Amy's house & she also made dinner & pumpkin cheesecake for us that was amazing! So that was our halloween celebration.


Halloween is just not celebrated on the same level as back home. Sure you can buy a pumpkin at the grocery store and some orange candles, but you won't get one single trick or treater.  

Last year in Oskarshamn the North Americans on our team planned and put on a Halloween party. Many of the teammates said it was their first one ever! The turnout was great and everyone had such creative costumes. 

When I brought my pumpkin home that night it was pretty late and Sam was still on the road.  Raylan was growling and barking... Then I saw it was my
Pumpkin that she was disliking.  Such a goofy puppy! 

Happy Halloween!! Hope you Americans enjoyed all of the celebrations!! 

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  1. This is a late comment but the costumes are HILARIOUS! I love them!!!! Aunt Patty