November 18, 2013


My father and I met each other at the Riga airport on the 12th. As recommended by the travel information office we took a bus to our hotel. The directions were to get off after 'Akmens Tilts' and we would be in Old Town and easily find our hotel. Somehow we managed to get there on our first try & for only .7 LV each! 

Look who it is!!

Dad was pleasantly surprised with my choice of hotel... Maybe not surprised. I was presently surprised by the free upgrade! All I wanted was a bath tub & here we had a jacuzzi! I know... bathing in a hotel bath.. Gross. It's just something I miss so much in Sweden that I take a bath everywhere I travel while here! (Maybe not everywhere but any nice, clean hotel) The breakfast at the hotel had Champagne... enough said. 

Dad and I spent the first evening walking around the old town, taking in the beautiful sights! Latvia has only been free from Soviet control since 1991. You can see the progress but you can also so clearly see the history! We saw things like the freedom monument, the Riga Dom, Old Town, St.Peters church, the House of Blackheads, and the Central Market! 

The Old Town of Riga

We went to the open market both days. I have died and gone to heaven! Seriously everything is so raw and fresh! They have everything you could ever want to cook to clothes to cutlery to home decor! All the food is bought in measurements of weight (Hg) even spices. The most strange one was that all the dog feed bags were open and you would buy them by the measurement as well... That wouldn't exactly work for my Hummer-Like puppy Raylan. The amount of feed she eats is ridiculous.. Chances are we would have to buy that somewhere else. I ended up getting a few too many sweets at the market.  I also got some Honey Comb, honey candles, and also some peanut butter that was cut off of a huge chunk, the most beautiful pomegranate of my life and some smoked salmon! 

The pet shoppe! 

This market is the most successful market on all of the Baltic states. The buildings are really cool too because they are old Zeppelin hangers that have been converted. There are 5 old hangers in total. One is all Fish/seafood. The second is mostly veggies & fruit. The third is a lot of bread and dairy. The fourth is sweets and  more packages foods or pre-made foods. The fifth is meat. Lots of meat. Basically whole animals cut apart and every EVER part of them is sold. At least that's what it seemed like. They actually were still cutting the carcass of all the animals through your the day, made me feel a bit queazy.  

The meat market was very.. 'Fresh & Lively'.  Many of the fish were still breathing and the eels were very much alive and squirmy & escaping from their tubs onto the floor.  Sanitation didn't seem to be the #1 priority. 

Dad and I went to eat at a cafeteria style restaurant with so many Latvian options. I even got pumpkin soup :) The restaurant was called Lido and I would highly recommend it! 

What a wonderful night :) 

So happy to see my dad again! 


  1. Awwww. I am so happy you are taking advantage of being in such an amazing part of the World! I envy your ability to travel to these areas & am very impressed with what you are doing!!!
    Aunt Patty

  2. We are really loving it here this year and getting a chance to travel a bit! We are so grateful! We miss you! See you when we come back home!! xoxo

  3. Riga is a wonderful place. We need to go back! Love, mom