November 27, 2013

Nobody like a Sister!!

My little (17 year old) sister Katja flew all the way here to visit! It was her first time flying solo and she did so well!!

We have been having a blast here in Stockholm! We had been thinking of going on an excursion sometime in her 10 days she had here but nothing worked into our schedule! That is the great thing about living in Stockholm, there is ALWAYS something to do! 

Right away that first night we went to 'Catching Fire' I thought it was even better than the first one! I planned it this way because I knew it was an easy way to keep Katja awake that first evening! 

The next day we went down to Gamla Stan and briefly explored the Christmas Market! Oh how I love this time of the year! We spent the rest of the day shopping in Östermalm and The Galleria. We ended that night with a twilight marathon! Katja lasted a little longer than me... 

That next day we went to Circus Scott's JulCirkus! It was in a big top tent and was wonderfully performed! The whole show is wild animal free, so nice to see circuses going in this direction! The only acts with animals were horses performing dressage and two dogs catching frisbees! Later that night Sam, Katja and I went out for Sushi and a Mongolian Barbecue. At the end of our meal we were all so full that we couldn't stop laughing about it! 

We awoke the next morning and drove to Drotningholm palace with Raylan! Walking the grounds was my favorite part if my last visit so that is what we did.  That night Sam had a home hockey game vs. Södertälje.  Katja got a case of the 'sleepys' and missed quite a bit of the game! She was awake to see Sam get a nice assist ;) 

Yesterday Katja and I went out to lunch at a cute Italian restaurant in Gamla Stan. Sam met us after practice and took us to the Vasa Museum. I have already been there too many times so I sent Katja in alone and walked Raylan with Sam on Djurgården island by the museum (Don't worry mom, I gave her my phone and stayed close by).  From there we went to the outdoor skating rink downtown and had just a magical time! I don't think anything compares to outdoor ice surrounded by Christmas decoration! Finishing off the night with some frozen yogurt at Frozzys (just opened 1/4 mile from our house... Terrible and wonderful) followed by some oversized game play in Tolve. 

So far today I took Katja to my Swedish gym. While there I got a hole in my newest LuLu's... such a bummer!  Tonight we are going to see the Swan Lake Ballet at the Opera house downtown! Naturally we watched The Black Swan last night to 'get in the mood'!  

Nothing like having your best friend in town!! Xoxo 


  1. Cacilie! How wonderful to have your sister with you! I certainly love my sisters & am so happy you have Katja!
    Love to you! Aunt Patty