November 5, 2013


Last year on one of our visits to Stockholm we were taken to
lunch at Jimmy's Steakhouse in Hammarby.  I loved it so much. You walk in and it is small and warm. There are views of the water all around. The prices for lunch are great and the food is so tasty

Usually they post all of the daily lunch options on a chalkboard up front.  It is written in Swedish, but I can read it (something I take pride in). You order at the bar and get a drink there. Then you get salad bar & coffee.  You can choose to sit at tables or on plush chairs that are more relaxing.  Considering I go with Sam, it's all about eating efficiently so we sit at the tables. 

We went there with my mother and grandma after Skansen one day & we decided to go there for lunch today. 

 I will admit my food was a bit of a disappointment today. The other times it was fantastic.  It's just so common to have the rawish salmon that they don't specify on the menu. I can't tell you how many times I have ordered raw fish (even halibut) accidentally. At least the salmon is edible & looks pretty

Also the menu said avocado.. They must have been out, because they just had cucumber cut into avocado shaped pieces. 

Salad buffet and water view.

Sam and I there last time. 

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