November 5, 2013

1/2 a year old today

Raylan is growing so quickly.  If I had to guess I would say she is 45 pounds.  She is turning out to be everything we wanted, actually even better than we wanted! These six months have gone by so quickly.

She is so snuggly and always wants to be 'right by you'

When she is cold she still can get into such a small ball! 

Just getting comfortable 

Meeting some other puppies 

Raylan playing with a Rottweiler and Terrier. She is the one in front, she always likes to be chased. 

Raylan is partaking in 'Movember'

Sleeping on her toys. 

This hanger is her absolute favorite toy. I think it's because she is a girl and it's fashionable. 

She has changed so much since we got her! 

The first night she fell asleep like this 

I know... I'm obsessed with her! Sorry, can't help it! There will be more :) 

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