October 4, 2013

Walking in Old Town

 I think one of our favorite things about our new city are the endless options of  places to go and things to do! With our new puppy we go on lots of walks! 

A couple of times we have driven to Gamla Stan (Old Town)  and have gone walking on the cobblestone streets, alongside the palace, and across a few bridges. Funny that Raylan is just going to think that is normal, although she still freaks out at the loud sound of the tram! 

Since dogs can go more places in Europe than the US we have also taken Raylan to the mall and to a cafe! (She did not like the escalator) 

Yes... I do realize that Raylan looks a little goofy when I hold her for pictures now because she is so big! Can't help it! She is growing so quickly! 40lbs & full of grown up teeth! 

Xoxo Cacilie 

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