October 6, 2013


Today was just a beautiful Sunday. Sam, Raylan and I along with the Johner's drive about 40 minutes out of the city to a little place called Siggesta Gård. It is a very Swedish place. They have Sunday brunch, a deli, homemade... Everything, animals everywhere, fotbol golf, the most elaborate mini golf course and I big beautiful dog park. 

We looked at all the animals for a while and explored the mini golf course, and saw the soccer fotbol. So soccer football looks like a golf course with bigger holes that a soccer ball would fit into. So instead of using a gold club, you just kick the ball like soccer! Pretty creative! 

Afterwards we went to the deli and cute Cute CUTE seating areas. I should have taken a picture of the inside! Furs on all of the seats that had intense recline action, long unfinished wood tables, antler lamps, saddles on the wall... Like I said, very Swedish! 

Raylan meeting chickens 
And goats! 
Back to the chickens 
The start of the Mini golf course
The course had three of its holes continue into this cute building! 
HUGE teacup 
That recline I was talking about! Haha 
The three of us :) 
We were the last car to leave! 
Obviously we got ice cream! Pistachio, coffee, and hallon berry! 🍦

Always get served your coffee in a glass glass... 
Cairo and Raylan at the dog park before Cairo escaped and ran into the horse pasture! 
You insert your card at the top slot and select what wine you want. Then it automatically comes out of a little spout! How cool is that!! 

Needless to say, we had a wonderful day off! 

Xoxo Cacilie 

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