October 8, 2013

Hockey Update!

Just a little update on the reason why we are even in Sweden, the hockey!

Sam's team has only lost once!! That is in relegation... they have been giving us quite a few extra periods and shoot outs.  In other words they have gone into overtime 4 times!! Yikes! 

Three of the games since I have been here have been home games and they won all 3 of those. 

These are the current standings for the Allsvenskan. Sam's team is in fifth! It's still so early in the season to mean much but good to know they are doing pretty well! 

A picture I took last game! The fans are soooo great here! Sometimes I think I get a headache from how loud they are, but I love it!! & I imagine the players do too! 

Just a few pictures of Sam on the ice! This one was taken in the European Trophy Tournament. Guess ill quick touch on that! Djurgården did so great and won their division so the team is going to the finals in Berlin in December! Some of us girls are going too!! I don't know who's more excited ;) 

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  1. Finally able to follow your blog! I am so proud of both of you & will love following what is happening! Love to you both, Auntie Patty