October 20, 2013

Goodbye too Soon

Puppy saying goodby to Mom in her new favorite outfit! 

The worst part of a trip is saying goodby. This particular goodbye is one that marks the longest time I will ever have spent apart from my mom.  It was also so hard to say goodbye to my sweet grandma, so happy she got to come!! This morning we had a nice trip concluding breakfast before we headed off to Arlanda.  The checkin went quickly, too quickly... then they were gone. Maybe I shed a tear or two.. Maybe ;) 

My grandma and mom arrived on Thursday the 10th in the evening and left on Sunday the 20th, today. With just 9 of those being full days, we accomplished A LOT! 

Just some of the things we did: 
- Drottningholm Palace
- Walking in Gamla Stan (so many times!)
- Gripsholm Castle 
- Driving to Ormsjö 
- Saw the birthplace of my great-grandpa
- Visiting/Meeting Relatives in Harnosand, Enskede, Solna & Nockeby 
- Swedish Ballet 
- Nordic Museum
- Skansen 
- Archipelago Boat Tour 
- Some Crazy Driving Experiences
- Vasa Ship Museum 
- Fika in Gamla Stan
- Royal Palace 
- Lunch in a 700 year old prison & lunch at a bunch of great places in Stockholm! 
- Two hockey Games 
- Went to Mass at a Swedish Kyrka 
- Many Games of Rummy
- A few trips to ICA  
- Thousands of Pictures 
- Endless Memories 

I am probably forgetting a few things. As you can see, we were very busy & did as much as we could in the time that they had here! 

My version of America/Swedish breakfast 

Cute Grandma writing about the trip 

The last picture I took as they were heading through security! 

The next time I see my mom will be March/April, I hope it's not too hard!! I am so grateful for Skype, and her, and my grandma.  

What a wonderful trip! 


Look what grandma got me!! :) Yay finally I have one!

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