October 28, 2013

Be careful what you buy in Sweden

The last day of my moms trip here we went to a tourist shop. The shop was filled with every tacky but kind of cute stereotypical 'Swedish' trinket you could imagine.

My mom saw two mugs that said 'In Love in Sweden'. They had two moose on them kissing with a little heart above them! We thought they were tacky cute and would bring back fond memories of Sweden down the road. 

As soon as they were in our basket, the shop worker came over and offered to package then for us. How polite, right? 
Looking back now there were other more fragile things in our basket that should have had priority packaging. 

That night my mom gave them to Sam and I (in front of my grandma) and Sam instantly had a big awkward smirk on.  Everyone else still had not noticed anything. A few minutes later I received a text from Sam. It said something along the lines of, look at the pictures on the sides of the cup. This is what I saw. 

They even put a nice picture inside for you to see while taking a sip. 

Needless to say, it's a very inappropriate cup for my mother to give to her future son in law.  My mother had previously told us that they would be "cute to show to our grand kids someday!" When that time does come, I think we will just keep them in the back of the cupboard... 

Just wanted to thank my mom for her thoughtfully inappropriate gift! 

I think the best part of the gift was the laughter of first Sam, then me, then my mom and at last my grandmother discovering the real meaning of 'In Love in Sweden'! 


  1. Looks like life in Sweden is going great Cac! Miss you girl! xoxo

  2. I miss you too! Wish I wasn't so far away... but we are enjoying our time here! Thanks for reading along, makes me feel like I am not so far away :) xoxo